21 years of confusion..but still going strong!
Words are my swords.
Words are the ultimate seduction.
In a relationship with overthinking.
Wannabe professional blogger-well, it’s my passion.
B.Tech in progress..50% done!! Alma Mater: South Point High School
Music-addict and a hardworker. Bong, so obviously a foodie.
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Writing gives me the greatest happiness. I never plan my posts. It’s like I just turn on my laptop whenever thoughts come rushing to my mind and I feel the irresistiblle urge to pen down my thoughts(but I keep losing my pens that’s why I use WordPress). My blog, at present, may look like an unprofessional one with lots of technical loopholes and amateurish writing(because I never prepare for or revise my posts) and I also have a free plan,but I am gonna upgrade soon and make improvements because I aim to be a proffesional blogger. But I promise you good content and things you will relate with. I just crave you patience and support. Also, I wanna reach out to many people through this blog, so never hesitate to like, comment, share and follow. Happy Reading!

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Why Our Music Industry Needs its Own 15th August, 1947

    I am the 90’s kid(no longer a kid) who grew up listening to, and totally loving, Hindi music. I still remember my growing up days. Taylor Swift was the one who kinda introduced me to the vibrant world of international music. Blame it on my age back then, but I started to while … Continue reading Why Our Music Industry Needs its Own 15th August, 1947

The Rebels on Youtube

Many (me included) have talked about how the social media scenario is changing, with Youtube, vines, vlogging, web series and other web-based careers now being considered “true professions”, even in the Indian society (still hard to believe, nah?) But do you know the many youngsters out there who have chosen the Internet, or more specifically, … Continue reading The Rebels on Youtube

Celebrating Paul Walker, Family and Everything Fast and Furious

“You aren’t even going to say goodbye?” “It’s never goodbye.” “Hey, you thought you could leave without saying goodbye? “I used to say I live life a quarter-mile at a time. And that’s why we were brothers. Because you did, too.” “The most important thing in life will always be the people right there, right … Continue reading Celebrating Paul Walker, Family and Everything Fast and Furious

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